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Gucci Flora EDP 1.7 oz
Gucci Flora EDP 1.7 oz

Gucci Flora EDP 1.7 oz

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Gucci Flora by Gucci

Gucci vào d?u nam nay v?a cho ra d?i m?t ?n b?n m?i c?a Gucci Flora m?t s?n ph?m dã r?t du?c ua chu?ng trong th?i gian qua. S?n ph?m này v?n du?c l?y c?m h?ng t? huong hoa. S?n ph?m m?i này ch? khác ?n b?n cu v? n?ng d? tinh d?u . Nhung Flora Eau de parfum mang m?t phong cách tru?ng thành hon dành cho nh?ng ngu?i ph? n? mu?n có th? gi? du?c mùi huong nh? nhàng c?a mình thêm m?t chút phong phú, g?i c?m cho bu?i t?i, mùi huong thay d?i trong m?t cu?c s?ng khác nhau c?a cùng m?t ngu?i ph? n? .

Mùi huong d?c trung:

Huong d?u n?i b?t v?i huong cam quýt và hoa m?u don, huong gi?a quy?n ru v?i mùi hoa h?ng và hoa Osmanthus (m?t lòai hoa c?a Trung Qu?c) trong khi dó huong cu?i bao g?m g? dàn huong ho?c huong và g? cây tuy?t tùng.

Phong cách:

G?i c?m , quy?n ru

Experience this more concentrated and captivating formulation of Gucci Flora—a subtle, sophisticated, floral fragrance inspired by princesses from the past, present, and future. The Flora Donna is a young, classic, and refined woman with the 'Gucci edge' of power and sensuality. She is elegant, natural, and spontaneous. The first Flora scarf was exclusively designed for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966 and soon became one of the most popular Gucci icons. This scent is an expression of the Flora legacy. Its seductive layers mirror the playful details and bright colors that channel the heart of a fashion empire.


Citrus Accord, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus Flower, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood.